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Nicole Graves – Christmas Video

Hey guys, it’s time for another Nicole Graves video and with this we’ll mark the holyday update. Nicole really wanted to do something festive for this one since she was feeling the holyday spirit. And since Christmas is just around the corner she was already set on what she’d be doing for her photo shoot. She was going to get a elf outfit. And with that you’ll get to see her role playing as a naughty elf that’s here not to bring you presents this year but to punish you by teasing you with her superb looks since you’ve been bad this year.

You couldn’t really say it’s punishment really, as you’re still getting a treat. And if this would happen every time for Christmas we’d all be acting bad all year. So watch Nicole Graves as she gets around to showing off her sexy and luscious for the camera and you, and see her fuck herself with a very festive dildo today. Suffice to say she also had a great time doing the shoot too, and what more could you ask for. So enjoy guys, and like always we’ll be seeing you again, but this time after the holydays. If you liked her check out the sexy Jaylene Rio‘s blog and enjoy watching some similar videos featuring another gorgeous internet model.

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Nicole Graves Video

In this update we have a treat for you. We bring you a sexy and hot Nicole Graves video that’s made just for your eyes. Nicole’s week was really busy this time and she didn’t want to let you guys starved for her content for too long. So instead of doing her thing, she managed to get permission to show you a scene from her latest movie where she got to fuck a lucky guy that stopped by her house. Long story short the guy was there with a delivery but the slutty woman wasn’t about to let a stud like him get away.

So she pulls him inside and takes off his pants to get sucking on his big cock to get him nice and hard for her pussy. After a good and long sucking and cock slurping session his cock was ready to fuck her hard and Nicole Graves was going to take full advantage of the opportunity. So without further due, watch as the lovely and sexy Nicole gets to sucking and fucking a big cock in today’s video update. Like always we hope you enjoyed the content and we’ll see you again next week with more! And if you wanna watch a similar video, check out and enjoy!


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Nicole Graves Nude Shooting

Another great week , and another superb Nicole Graves nude shoot just for you guys. And as this superb woman is always set on outdoing herself and we’re pretty confident she did  it yet again with this photo session. It was shot at a bike building shop with her posing around as this heavy metal biker chick that has a hard on for motorcycles. Well to be honest, Nicole felt right at home, as she really does love motorcycles. So let’s watch her performance around the shop posing all sexy and stuff.

We thing you’ll be pretty well surprised with her performance today, as she seemed to enjoy each and every pose of her shoot. She was all naked, except her tank top that she kept on, but she pulled that one up too, to reveal her big and round breasts for you. Enjoy seeing her pose around nude and sensually around the place in this gallery of images today, you won’t be disappointed. So again we must take our leave and we’ll be seeing you again in the next update. Until then why not check the rest of her images too. Wanna see other stunning chicks getting kinky in front of the camera? If you do, check out the site!

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Lesbian Fucking

As you know by now, Nicole Graves enjoys having fun with both guys and gals so she’s not one to make discriminations regarding sex. And today she invited over one of her best friends again. No it’s not Lola the woman that you saw a few updates ago, that lady was busy this time. But not to worry, as Nicole has a plethora of lady friends too. And she never fails to invite them over from time to time to have some girl on girl fun when she’s getting bored. And today’s guest is one sex hungry little slut.

Right as she entered the door, Nicole Graves welcomed her in and as she locked the door, the two hotties started kissing passionately making their way to Nicole’s bedroom. And this time she had a treat all ready for her buddy. Namely a strap on dildo with a pretty sizable rubber cock and she was all ready to test it by fucking her friend’s tight pussy and ass with it. Watch Nicole fuck her friend doggie style with her new toy and enjoy the gallery guys. Until next time guys, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the next updates. Check out the blog and have fun watching other cuties having wild lesbian sex.


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Nicole Exposed

In this gallery Nicole Graves decided to switch it up for a bit. And wanted to go for a more glamour oriented photo shoot. So this update features the sexy beauty getting all dressed up in a sexy black, white and pink outfit, composed of a very hot and sexy dress and head gear. Well the trick is that she’s not wearing any panties or bra underneath so you can bet you’ll be in for a good time today. So without further due, let’s get this show on the road and watch what this busty blonde has to offer for you today.

As the lovely Nicole Graves takes her seat on a white bed she spreads her legs wide open to give you a great view of her superb juicy pussy and also lowers her dress to reveal that impressive bust of her with her big and round perfect tits. But she’s not here just to show of her curves and lady parts, oh no. You can also see her get to pleasing her pussy too as she got really horny towards the end of the shoot. It’s a great gallery everyone and be sure not to miss it. Enjoy! Wanna see other beauties spreading their legs wide open? If you do, check out the website! Enjoy!


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Nicole Graves Anal Destruction

For this update we bring you a nice set of Nicole Graves anal point of view pictures. She wanted to do this special update today for everyone to get a better view of what you’d be looking at if you’d be lucky enough to tap that pussy. So let’s see what she’s up to. As the camera makes its way in the room the hot and sexy Nicole waits on the chair legs already spread open and her pussy awaiting satisfaction. So it’s time to get to work on this beauty’s pussy or she’s not going to give you anything.

Making sure to give her proper oral, the superb woman then turns around and presents her ass for a anal doggie style session. She’s been awaiting for this, as she likes anal just as much as having regular sex, just like hot Gia Paloma and she’s not going away this time until she gets it. So  have a great time watching Nicole Graves as she gets her tight, little and sexy ass fucked by a thick cock in today’s superb update. Like always we hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you next time with more. Until then, enjoy and stay tuned. See you next time everyone!

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Nicole Graves Porn Scene

Today we bring you another Nicole Graves porn update. This time however we bring you a set of images from one of her scenes in a movie she recently shot. And you know she never disappoints, so let’s see what the horny lady was up to in that. the scene featured a repair man that came to her house to fix the wiring of a power panel in the house, but the hottie didn’t have money on her so she had to think quick about how to settle the debt. And then it hit her, she did have one thing to offer that no man can refuse, namely her hot body.

So when the guy asks for his payment, Nicole Graves turns her seductive side on and the guy quickly falls for her spell, forgetting about the money debt in all. So you can bet she was going to give him a treatment he wont soon forget. For the beginning she presents him with her big tits and takes his cock between them giving him one hell of a tit fuck for starters. But as this woman gets hornier herself she’s not about to just let him walk away without him fucking her pussy too. If you liked this cutie and you wanna see another busty model sucking and fucking cum inside and enjoy watching dirty Tory Lane jerking off huge cocks!nicole-graves-porn-scene


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Dildo Fun

In this week’s update Nicole Graves went shopping again. But she didn’t just go shopping for new clothes. Well she did do that, but her main focus was to purchase a brand new set of sex toys from her favorite sex shop. And the store clerk welcomed her with open arms as she’s a regular client at that place. Well you didn’t think that a woman like her has just one or two favorite toys do you? No this slutty lady is always collecting toys of all shapes and sizes since she likes to experiment. So after NicoleGraves was satisfied with her purchase she headed back home.

And once back it was time to take her new acquisitions for a test drive. The things she bought today were a pink transparent vibrator and a red rubber dildo. So laying on the bed to was time for her to start having her fun. First she sucks on them to lube them a bit in preparation for inserting them in her tight holes. She just loves the feeling of having toys in both her ass and pussy. Watch her double fuck herself with her new toys in this gallery guys. Until next time you might visit gorgeous Anastasia Harris‘s blog if you wanna see another hot babe stuffing her pussy using big dildos!


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Nicole Graves and Lola

Nicole Graves and Lola are friends for allot of time now. And the two women seem to have little time to spend together as they’re both hard working women. Well Nicole can sure as hell prove it with her line of work. Lola comes to visit every now and then and she’s always happy to meet her old friend. The two met up and recollected the wild times they had in college where both of them would take on a guy and fuck his brains out for a whole night. And NicoleGraves just told her why not do it again tonight.

So the two horny women went to a local bar to scope out the scene and see if they’d be able to get their hands on a lucky guy. And sure enough they spotted a stud that fit their expectations perfectly. Some talking later and the dude was on his way home with both of these slutty women. Right off the bat the women took off his pants and they both sucked his cock to get him nice and hard for the hard core riding session that was to follow. Watch as the women take turns riding his cock in this awesome update today. Enjoy this unique scene and if you wanna watch a similar video just like this come inside website and have a great time! Bye, friends!


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Nicole Graves Fuck Session

It’s another week and we’re back with a Nicole Graves fuck scene for you guys. The slutty lady hit the clubs tonight and she seems to have gotten lucky in picking up a guy. Well she’s more the tomboyish type so she made the first step. But also this guy doesn’t really know what he’s getting himself into, as this woman will ride him until he’s going to be exhausted. As they were walking home Nicole kind of told him that she expects to be the one to lead, to which the guy didn’t object.

As they reached NicoleGraves ‘s place the horny woman wasted no time in taking off the lucky guy’s clothes and getting him naked. Then she took his cock and sucked on it to get it nice and hard for her pussy. Don’t waste anymore time and watch the two fuck all around Nicole’s apartment in all kinds of positions. Suffice to say the brown haired woman was completely satisfied with the hard style dicking she got tonight. That’s about it for this one guys, but don’t fret. We’ll be back again next week with more from her. Until then however, stay tuned and enjoy this guys. Check out site and see another busty babe being hard fucked!


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